Male asylum seeker, living in London, age 32


I bring small things.  I cannot take with me everything.  I brought the flag of the revolution, and some symbols of the revolution as well.  It reminds me where it starts; this is the flag for the people.  If someone sees you have this flag other people understand quickly.  When I looked at the objects  (collection of things left behind in Lesbos) earlier I feel very upset.  I imagine the people left these things—I mean no one leaves these things—so I’m thinking of the bad things. That people could die in the sea. And all of the things are for babies.  All of these families, they are looking for the settled life for their children.  My idea for my future I am looking for the good life, to finish studying, like so many other people to have a family to open my own business, to live like other people, to make a good life, to see my children, my wife.  I want Syria to be better than before.  To stop the war.  For peace. Now I live with a very lovely English family.  They are good people. There are some who think refugees are bad people who are coming here to destroy the country.  But we are coming to have a settled life.  We cannot stay under the bombs. Of course, I have to go away.  Too many people think refugees are bad.  There are good people and bad people, but we are looking for good things.  There are bad people, maybe they have a sick mind, but this does not mean everyone is bad.  Refugees are not bad people.