Male professional, born in Brazil, living in London


What is it in your life that you think you have in common with the person who once owned this object?  I think both of us are driven by hope – I selected an object which had religious meaning and, despite not considering myself a religious person, I believe that religion always brigs hope to people’s heart!


Who do you think owned this object? Describe the person—the age, gender etc. I thought the owner of the object to have the same physical characteristics as me: dark hair, beard, etc. Someone in his forties, probably married and with children.


Under what circumstances do you think it was left behind? Was it intentional? The object might have left behind by mistake – I believe it has been lost reflecting the situation of its owner – someone lost in the world


What objects would you take with you if you only had a back-pack and had to make a long, uncertain and possibly dangerous journey and it was doubtful you were going to be able to return to your home? Why would you bring this object? Photographs or any other light object, easy to carry, that could remind me of the place I had to leave.


Who do you know who has made such a journey? Myself. I left my country in my early twenties to study abroad. Of course my situation was different as I came to Europe to study but, at the end, leaving your country – no matter in what situation – is always a difficult choice as you know you will leave behind many things which are closer to your heart.


Was there a moment when you had a profound insight? What were the circumstances? Where were you? What triggered the thought? Choosing and object and holding it for the first time had a big impact to me as I could feel closer to the current situation of refugees. One thing is to follow the stories on the media, another one is to be close to the subjects of history by a proximity through physical, personal objects.


What were you thinking when you were photographed? I was trying to reflect on the situation of refugees but thought that they might also find some hope in their difficult journey despite all the sad things that has been happening to them.


What feelings did you have when you first had the object; after a couple of weeks did this change?  I kept thinking of hope as the ultimate driving force to give us courage and strength to go through difficult moments


Why did you choose this object? Because it has a religious connotation and religion for me is a sign of hope


Have your thoughts about people feeing conflict and/or seeking a better life changed since you have been carrying this object? In what way? What did you think before? What do you think now?  I am not sure whether my feelings changed in relation to conflict or refugee situation. What changed was my perception of people – it is always a very moving experience to be physically connected with objects that bring an emotional meaning with them.