Male asylum seeker living in London, age 27


I am 27.  I escaped from prison in 2013. I’d been held for two and a half months. My uncle arranged this.  Over the next six days I travelled to Sudan.  There were three of us and we were joined by another three people at the border.  I stayed in Khartoum with my “agent”.  After a month he secured a passport for me.  I was able to get on a flight to Paris and was then taken to Calais by car.  Eventually I made my way to Bristol where I lived for two years.  


When I travelled I had a bag (which I left in Paris), two pairs of trousers, two jackets and a bible.  I was very afraid when I was in the van (going to Sudan). I didn’t know where I’m going.  I was just praying.  I just had the clothes I was wearing.  I got a bible in a church in Sudan, I went to the Sunday programme and the pastor gave me the bible.  I took it to France with me. I left it in France, but still I remember that bible.


I remember my home.  There was a tape recorder, a wedding photograph of my parents.  My father’s sewing machine.  I had a picture that meant a lot to me of myself with my father (who has died) and a childhood friend, my best friend who I grew up with. I don’t have the photo any more but I have an image of it on my cell phone. I didn’t know I was going to prison, I didn’t know I was coming here.


What is it you want in the future?


I want to live without stress.

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