Shabana, 16 (based in Iran)


Our story


The people of those countries such us Afghanistan, where there is fighting, want to save themselves, decide to go to other countries illegally. They want to save themselves, their families, their children, so they leave their country and go to other countries. As we all know, if someone goes to other countries illegally It will be dangerous for them and they will face lots of problems. I want to tell you about my story migrating illegally from Afghanistan to Iran.


My father decided that we have to go to Iran. When I heard that we are going to go to Iran illegally, I became so sad because I knew that if we go to Iran illegally we cannot study there. I became so sick. I was sick for about two weeks before leaving. I was not ready to leave my country, my school, my friends, my lessons, etc. On Saturday night we left Kabul at 2:00 pm and arrived at Nimruz, an Afghan province at 4:30 pm the next day. We were on the road all the night and the day. We all were so tired then we went to an inn that was for range animals. The inn was very small and dirty with a bad smell. We were 13 people when we arrived there. My father went and brought something to eat and we all cleaned there. After that all of us went to sleep and we slept till morning. The next day the man called, said to be ready, we are going to leave. We all got dressed in long clothes and I think at 10:00 am we left there and we went to the bus. Stopped there was an old and small car. The man said we all had to sit in this car. It was clear that the car was just for 6 people but we sat in it as 13 people. The weather was very hot and our place was very tight. The car was stopped at the station under the shining sun for about 5 hours and all of us felt we were boiling and the water we had became hot.


It was about 2:00 pm that the driver came and began to drive the car. The way was very long and narrow and the weather was very hot during the day, but very cold at night. The driver drove in a desert. We did not eat anything during those days. Suddenly the car stopped and three men came and said that boys and men have to get out of the car and have all the bags with themselves. Those men were Taliban and they checked all the men and boys. Then they checked all the bags. They took our money, photos, and phones and then said that now you can go. We all were afraid but what could we do? When we heard them tell us that we could go, all of us became so happy. The driver started to drive the car again and the car drove all night and all day. We were on the way 2 nights and one day and our bodies could not work because those 2 nights and 1 day we were in a narrow place and we could not move and we didn’t eat for a long time. That night I cried a lot because my leg hurt from my little sister sitting on my feet that whole time and because I could not go to the bathroom.


“Please stop the car, I have to go to bathroom,” I said.


“I cannot stop the car here,” the man said.


“Ok, but why not?” I cried.


“Because this place belongs to the Taliban and if they saw us they will kill all of us,” the man said.


“But I have to go, I cannot–“ I shouted to the driver.


“Ok but you have to go and come back quietly, quickly.” the man said.


“Ok!” I said.


Me and my father went and came back to the car as soon as we could. That desert was between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was about 5:00 am that we arrived in a place that was very dirty. There was a yard there without any room. We went to that yard. The yard was so dirty with such bad smell as I cannot say. My mom was badly ill because she was pregnant. I was worried about her all the time because that long way in the tight place, she didn’t eat anything. It is so dangerous for an expecting woman that she had not eaten anything since that day that we left Kabul.


In that yard there was not anything smooth that my mom could sit on. That bad smell made sick all of us. It was ok till 8:00 o'clock but after 8:00 the sun started to shine and the sunshine was very hot. Everyone was hungry and thirsty because we had not eaten and drank anything for a long time. It was ok for us, but my younger sister and brother were not ok.


There were other families, too. Then at 4:00 pm the man came and told us to come, that we were leaving there. Then we all were about 60 people but they brought one car and said that we do not have another car, so all of us should sit in it. We all sat on the car but on the feet of everyone sat another person. The driver drove the car between mountains and the sun shone over our heads. The car’s speed was so fast and stones were thrown up by the tires. I hugged my younger sister like always.


The wind was very bad and cold. The car moved between the mountains so fast. It looked like the car was going to fall down. Everyone was scared and hugged each other. The car moved till 2:00 pm and the air was dusty and thick.


Everyone’s eyes burned because of the dust. My mother cried because she was ill and felt pain. We arrived in a place that there was just mountains. The man said we had to walk for an hour. We walked, but very slowly, no one could walk fast because everyone was thirsty, hungry and tired. We arrived in a place that was between two mountains and there was a wall with wires and the man said we cannot go tonight because there is a guard on duty and we have to wait for tomorrow night. We became so sad, because, how could we stay there without food, water, and shelter. It is so hard to stay on a mountain under the sunshine with out anything.


So we went to find a place to sleep. It was a long time that we hadn’t slept. That place was the frontier of Iran and Pakistan.


My father went and made a place for sleeping.  


“Come here and sleep,” he called to us.


“What should we do? How can we stay here? What should we eat? From where can we find water?” I asked my father.


“Just pray, just God can help us. These families lived here for a week or more than a week. Just pray that tomorrow night we shouldn’t be here,” he said.


“Ok Dad, I hope that we arrived there as soon as possible,” I said.


The next day at about 8:00 am we woke up from the sunshine. The sun came out and the weather was so hot we started walking around. Then we learned that people had lived there for a long time. I started crying wondering what will happen?


The sunshine was very hot and there wasn’t anything to make a shelter or a tent. My father went and brought water, I don’t know from where, but the water was very dirty and we had to drink that because we all were thirsty. All day we felt boiling, all day. At about 7:00 pm the man came and we started to walk again. The man cut the wires of the wall and everyone passed under it. That night was the worst night of my life. I nearly lost my mom that night. We all walked about 8 hours and that wasn’t good for a pregnant woman. We walked all night between the mountains, over mountains and hills.


There was a high mountain as much high as I can’t say. The path climbing it was very narrow and you have to climb it, but please be careful because if you fall down you will die. I hugged my younger sister and in 30 minutes everyone climbed up it but my mom she had was bleeding and because of that she became unconscious. I and my sister started to cry. I thought that my mom was dead. But after a while I asked people if they had water, to give it to me.


“Water! Please give me water! My mom is going to die, why are you watching us please do something!” I said.


“Have it please,” a man said.


“Thank you! Thank you a lot,” I said.


I sprinkled the water on her face. Then, after a while she became conscious.


“Are you ok mom?” My sister said.


“Yes, I am fine guys.” she said.


“Thank God!” I said.


Then we started to walk again. When we arrived, my family was safe, but other families were killed by the border police. The police at the guard post had killed people by shooting. When we arrived in Iran my younger sister was so sick because of that dirty water she had drank. She was very ill, her heart stopped, and then after 5 minutes her heart started to palpitate. That place was a desert and we had no money to take her to the doctor.


We were faced with problems like this in Iran too. We passed Bom, Yazd, Kerma, etc., and at last we were at Karaj, by Tehran. Those people who brought us there took their money.


Now we are in Tehran and we cannot go to other place, and we cannot study .

I want to say to all people that they should not go anywhere illegally because it is dangerous and you cannot walk around that new country comfortably.